Born in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco; Bambú Rain is a Mexican
company intent on changing our environment and the lives of
Mexican families for the better by means of the
Modern Farmer Program.

After 15 years of great success in various property development
and real estate projects, and in search of a new adventure, the
Bambú Rain team stumbled upon the amazing properties of
bamboo at what seems to be the exact moment when our vision
and ex-perience enabled us both to appreciate and pursue ways
in which this plant could ben-efit our society. We didn’t find
bamboo, bamboo found us.

In a matter of weeks, our team was learning, experimenting and
forging valuable part-nerships. First we dreamt of the perfect
location to research and grow bamboo, and then we made that
dream a reality: Las Nubes. With our very first bamboo clums
grown, the whole team, from engineers to accountants, put their
best effort forward to build our Propagation Center. As the clums
were planted, Bambú Rain was born.

Today, Bambú Rain takes pride in being a company like no
other, a business with vision and purpose, an innovator proud
of its master-piece: the Modern Farmer Program. We are the
leaders of a nationwide social, cultural and economic
revolution. We are Bambú Rain.