B A M B O O P R O C E S S I N G O U R  M A R K E T


At the same time a Modern Farmer joins us, we
reproduce our bamboo culms inside a
laboratory using a cloning method at our
Propagation Center. This way, we can produce
asexual plants that guarantee optimal growth
and maximum production.

After 3 months, the plants are carefully
transferred from the laboratory to a
greenhouse where they adapt to
sunlight and natural nutrients of the
soil for another 3 months.

Finally, each culm is planted in its respective
plantation area. Thanks to the meticulous
care given from birth, these culms are
now guaranteed to grow and mature
for harvesting on a yearly basis by
Bambú Rain.

We only plant the best culms.
We use cellular samples to distinguish
which ones will be the biggest, strongest
and healthiest bamboo specimens to
reproduce the same characteristics
for all our plantations.

The objective of our plantations is to produce the maximum
amount of tonnage possible. This is why we implement a Bamboo
Development Program in our laboratories where we can create a
bigger, stronger and healthier bamboo; giving it more mass,
a wider diameter, and better resistance.
As a result of this program, our bamboo is capable of
breeding an average of 10 “baby” culms each.


The final step of our processing method is the production
of biomass, this organic matter is the main ingredient
needed for the sustainable energy creating process. We use
special torrefaction and compressing techniques to turn our
plantations into biomass, which we sell as raw material for
renewable energy industries, both in its raw form and as
manufactured biochar and compressed pellets.